Perfect Smokey Eyed look for Hazels


Perfect Smokey Eyed Look for Hazels :

You wanna learn how to get the sexy sultry smokey eye makeover? Well this is the blog for you! I'll break down the process for you step-by-step until finally you discover the perfect look for any time, any day. So lets get started!

Step one~ Pick four colors, an advantage hazel eyed girls have is they look good in any shade of any color, so its your choice! But there is one rule, your colors must include a dark shade, a medium shade, and two light shades.

Tip 1~Okay so we all want to have healthy, beautiful skin right? So here's some advice, you want your makeup to look natraul and the best way to do that is choosing the right makeup brand for you! Personally, I only use Bare Minerals because only they give me the best look, without clogging my pores!

Step two~ Here's where your lightest color comes in! Your light color will serve as your all over color, which will be the base for your medium and your dark. This color should not be over applied, the best all over color ideally would be lighter than your skin tone, whites with a touch of glitter and shine would really be best. Apply the color above and below the crease, in moderation.

Step three~ Your next lightest color is really where you should start to see a difference, pinks and purples really will bring out the color in your eyes and make them pop. You should apply this mostly below the crease, with just a little hint above the crease.

Tip 2~ Okay, time to face the truth, we all have felt so insecure at one point in our life that we felt we had to drown our faces in makeup. And at some point all of us had to relize it had gone WAY too far. And I happen to know a little goes a very long way. So its always important to remember that your beautiful just the way you are!

Step four~ Time to use the medium shade! Strictly apply this BELOW the crease, some advice, this color should be the most intese of your colors! if you had a Pinkish light shade then use a darker version of that color, maybe a red, or orange, or simply use a different shade of pink!

Step five~ So, were almost finished! Now its time to use your dark color, and yep, you guessed it this color is your eye liner. For this you need only folow these basic rules. One, No eye liner on the upper part of your eye! You already have enough going on up there, and a dark shade will only make your eye seem squinched up and will make your makeup look unnatural. And two, eye liner should only go half way across the bottom part of your eye. Too much dark will look unnatural, and just plain not good.

Now all you need is a coat of glitter across your top lid and some mascara and your done! Congradulations on finding the perfect smokey eye look for you!

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