My must haves for this season!

My Must Haves for This Season!

Great Steals Here, These Products Are Must Haves for Any Girl

I love makeup
  • I love makeup
  • bareMinerals foundation, fair
  • honey bisque
  • vintage peach
  • mineral veil
  • BareMinerals-Precision-Face-Brush
  • downtown
  • cupcake
  • Liberty
  • magnifique
  • citrus twist
So I've recently been looking through my make up bag and just thought I would give you guys the must haves for this spring season.

Section 1: Skin
bareMinerals SPF 20 READY foundation, fair. This small pallate of powder really makes your skin glow, it is very full coverage, but it won't make your skin look cakey.
bareMinerals Multi-Tasking SPF 20 concealer, honey bisque. You can use it as a concealer, but personally I think it makes a FANTASTIC bronzer. It gives your skin that sun-kissed look that everybody loves.
bareMinerals Blush, vintage peach. It is sheer and beautiful. Y'know that "just in from the cold blush" that all guys love? Well this creates that, only without the cold!
bareMinerals tinted hydrating mineral veil. I would be here all day if I tried typing all the GREAT stuff that BM mineral veil does, so ill leave you with my recomendation of this product.

I'll try to keep this breif so here it is
NEW bareminerals precision face brush is FANTASTIC. Its soft, smooth, black hairs glide over your face leaving not a flaw in sight. I can't say enough about this brush.

Eyes (liner, shadow, placement, mascara)
lets start out with shadows and liners. Now remember, all bareMinerals eye products are powder, for the most part. any color could be used as a shadow, or a liner.
bareMinerals eye shadow, downtown. Downtown is a shimmery, dark brown goldish color, it is great when used in the crease of your eyelid. Best with eye colors brown, hazel, green, and light blue.
bareMinerals eyeshadow cupcake. Cupcake is a neutral pink shimmer color. it is great when used as a highlighter right below the brow. Goes with any eye color.
bareMinerals eye color liberty. Liberty is a medium blue color that is great for below and in the crease of your eyelid. Really brings out close set eyes. Also is good as an eyeliner. Goes well with brown, hazel and green eyes.
bareMinerals eyecolor magnifique. Magnifique is a dark grey/charcol color. Is great as a liner for any eye color. and some at the outer edge of the eye is great for far set eyes.
bareMinerals eyecolor citrus twist. Citrus Twist is a shimmer color, it will give a pop of color to any pallate, works great as a liner, an all over color, and just something to put on top of any purple, pink, even blue shadows. Place it over the crease to make your eyes pop.
bareMinerals eyecolor paradise. Paradise is a light peachy color. You can use it with any shimmer, it will match with any eye color. It is a great liner, as well as an all over color.
And thats it for liners and shadows :) there are plenty more out there that I could spend all day talking about. But I won't bore you. I promise I'll post some more very soon. But just quickly I'll tell you my picks for mascara, and lip colors.
bareMinerals Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara in black
bareMinerals Moxie lipcolor, Party Starter, hot pink
bareMinerals Pretty Amazing lipcolor Allure, very peachy, and high pigment
bareMinerals lipstick French Pastry, light peachy pink color.
SPF 15 N0 1129 MENTHA lip balm stick 100% Natural Mint. With UVA/UVB protection.

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Thanks for this list! I love the Moxie lip glosses too, they feel so cool on your lips! This comment has been removed.
Thanks for sharing! I love their Moxie lip colors. I have the deep raspberry/wine color. This comment has been removed.
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