Melt Proof Your Makeup

Melt Proof Your Makeup

Simple Makeup Tips for the Sultry Days of Summer

Nothing like a heatwave to remind me that summer has awhile to go before being over. Southern California luckily has not endured the heat that the rest of the country has, but in the past week temperatures have soared and the heat has set in. If you’re in air-conditioned areas, then you have it made, but if you’re outside for the day, then you have to prevent your makeup from melting off your face.

First, apply a lightweight moisturizer complete with SPF. A lot of moisturizers already has SPF built in and it protects your face from sun damage. Moisturizer helps the rest of your makeup be applied more smoothly. Use concealer by tapping it into your undereye area and then blending. When it’s too hot out, I skip the foundation and go straight for the loose powder over my t-zone. Blend a bronzer/blush mixture to the apples of cheeks and sweep upward. I use a sponge brush to blend to create a natural look.

After applying the base, then I add a shimmery eye shadow in a neutral color. I use a lighter shade for the inner corners to open the eyes more and because I skip additional definition. When I’m going to be outside all day during the heat, I will skip both eyeliner and mascara. Yes, this is unheard of by most makeup lovers, but even the best smudge proof products can’t battle sweaty temps, at least for me. I’d rather look fresh-faced and bronzed, then scary with streaky makeup.

I finish with lip balm and a bright pop of color on my lips. By being minimal with my makeup, it keeps it looking fresh throughout the day. If necessary, then I use blotting papers (or paper towels in a pinch!) to dab at my face to keep my skin looking dewy, not sweat-drenched.

What are your best tips for melt proofing your makeup?

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@vamp1967 It's usually PERFECT here in So Cal, but right now without a/c it is AWFUL. I want fall! This comment has been removed.
Less is more for me! I love tinted moisturizer as it takes the place of moisturizer and foundation :) This comment has been removed.
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