Makeup for the Beach

Makeup for the Beach

Learn the Essential Beauty Items for a Day at the Beach

As if you all haven’t noticed yet, allow me to remind you that summer is officially here. That means that not only is it the time to clothe thyself accordingly, but it is also time to consider what you will be wearing on your face when it is time to hit the beach. The beach is obviously not the place for a full-out smoky eye, but it is the place for a well-executed beauty look with distinct pops of color. Read on for all the beach beauty essentials that you will want to stock your bags with.


It goes without saying that sunblock should be a huge part of your beach beauty routine. Slather your skin in SPF, making sure to cover every inch of your body's largest organ with an SPF of 20 or greater. Reapply every couple of hours, to keep skin both burn and wrinkle-free.

Tinted Moisturizer

For those who need a bit of complexion help, there are a slew of tinted moisturizers out there that will not only bring essential moisture to the skin, but also color-correction, and even more SPF. Find the formulation and shade that works best for you, and apply all over your face. Be sure to blend the product into your neck as well, to create a smooth, seamless look.

Waterproof Mascara

If there is one eye product that you should embrace for the beach, it would have to be waterproof mascara. Even better, go with a brightly-colored, water-resistant mascara, to add both definition and color to the eyes. Use simple color theory to enhance the color of your own peepers. For example, emerald-eyed girls can make their green eyes greener with purple mascara, and brown-eyed girls should embrace the blues.

SPF-Infused Lipstick or Balm

Just as important as protecting your skin, the lips can quickly become dry and cracked if not given proper care in the sun. Go with one of this season's brightly hued SPF-infused lipsticks and balms, to ensure that you are not only taking great care of your mouthpiece, but that you are also staying at the height of beauty trends. Extra credit will be awarded if you go with one of this summer's favorites: a neon lip.

Hit the beach in style this summer, with these beauty essentials.

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