Makeup For Red Dress

Makeup for Red Dress

Makeup That Goes With a Red Dress

Makeup For Red Dress
The little black dress is the most versatile of cocktail party attire because it works with any of the makeup that's already in your arsenal, from classic to beyond vibrant (think magenta or electric coral). But what kind of makeup should you wear when your dress itself is beyond vibrant? If you find yourself experiencing "the little red dress conundrum" (mulling over makeup colors that won't clash or compete with what you're wearing) follow these makeup ideas or slip on your dress, snap a photo and upload it to our virtual makeup studio to play around with red dress makeup .

When rocking a little red dress after dark, keep your hairstyle simple. Too many tight curls, kinks or sparkly accessories will draw the eye in too many directions (the ultimate goal is to spotlight your pretty face). Wear your hair sleek and straight to reflect light and look luminous, naturally. Try on straight hairstyles now.

Steer clear of purple eye shadow as it tends to clash with red clothing. Neutrals, browns and gunmetal (grey) shades are your best bets. Opt for a French manicure on your hands and toes, or keep your toenails in the same color family as your eye shadow: neutral, gunmetal or chocolate brown. Red polish is also a safe bet, but never to be overdone on fingers and toes. Similarly, you don't want to play up lips and eyes when doing your makeup.

As a general rule, if you prefer more color than basic nude , pick a lipstick in the same color family as the dress you're wearing. The trick is to keep the color sheer and subdued; sometimes a sheer red gloss might be all you need to look pulled together. A tomato red dress calls for makeup with orangey-red undertones while a brick-red dress can be paired with brownish shades or cranberry. Tone down the color of your lipstick by first applying it to the back of your hand and dabbing it on with your fingertip or a lip brush. Also keep your bronzer and self-tanner understated or you may run the risk of spotlighting tell-tale orange streaks.--Stephanie Simons


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