Makeover Glossary

Makeover Glossary

Taaz Beauty Terminology You Need to Know Now

Makeover Glossary
Gloss-obsessed girls can try on real-life makeup and hairstyles in our virtual makeover studio.

Beauty Call

The last minute appointment you secure with your hair stylist before a big event (the one that usually takes place late in the evening after everyone else has gone home). "I love my stylist because she always accomodates my impulsive beauty calls."

Karmic Breakouts

When the number of pimples on your chin are in direct correlation to the number of friends you gossiped about last week.

Arch Enemy

The overzealous professional waxer or threader who costs an arm and a leg but leaves your brows in the shape of funky tadpoles.

The Big Bang Theory

The assumption that you'll want to grow your bangs out immediately after you cut them.

Single Process

The allover hair color you endure before a first date with a younger man in an effort to hide your true age.


The large phone bill you accumulate while seeking support from friends after getting a sob-sob! botched hair cut that cost you the price of a new pair of shoes.

Magnifying Fearror

The initial shock of looking into the magnifying mirror only to discover the blackheads, stray hairs and sun damage you never knew existed. The "fearror" is made worse after a few cocktails. Resist the urge to pick, poke or prod the face in looking back at you.


The extreme makeover you undergo after a nasty breakup, usually resulting in more heartache in the form of too short bangs, too many layers, too much Botox, etc.

Chanel Surfer

The woman who browses high-end cosmetic brands in high-end department stores just to collect free samples.

Stubble Trouble

The insecurity that overwhelms you when he wants to get close and you haven't shaved (the less you shave, the more the cuddling odds increase).


The total confidence you feel after spending all day getting ready.

Glamour Shots

The tequila shots you take after you spend all day getting ready once your boyfriend or spouse doesn't even notice the difference. --Stephanie Simons


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Love this! My favorite: Beauty Call, Beautylicious and Glamour Shots! I feel like my friends are constantly using the last minute Beauty Call on me to do their makeup. I don't mind though, I love doing makeup! :) This comment has been removed.
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