Make your own translucent powder!

Make Your Own Translucent Powder!

All Will You Need Is One Common Home Item and an Empty Container.


Yep that is all what you need. I discovered this myself one day when I needed powder and I was all out of it. So an idea popped into my mind. So i took my usual powder brush and went into the bathroom where baby powder is usually kept. So therefore, I poured some amount into my hand, patted my brush with the product and blended away on my face. I was so amazed at the sheer coverage of it also it mattified my skin and absorbed all of the oils. Anyways, about the powder it blends well into the skin and the best part is that it matches any skin tone, despite it being white; its sheer so it blends well with any skintone. Also because of the scent of the baby powder also adds a kick of freshness and cool scent to it, which is most definitely a plus.

However my only complaint is that it gets messy because its a loose powder it falls everywhere, but everything else good makes up for it.

Whenever you have a empty loose powder or mineral powder container empty, Don't throw it away instead put baby powder in there and just use the container dab your brush with the powder than apply. I hope you like this trend its a great alternative to powder or for natural looks for the skin etc.

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