Make Up Tips: How to look nice and comfortable


Make Up Tips: How to Look Nice and Comfortable : For People Who Want Others to Think of You as Gentle and Nice.

Julie K. Pratt here! Here are some tips for people who want others to think of you as gentle and nice. You don't want to be too hard on the makeup, or else others will feel uncomfortable around you and think, ''Woah! Slow down! Too much!'' You don't wanna go all Emo and dark on yourself, so...


Add a little bit of gray for the eye shadow. Only a little bit, and just gently put gray shadow around your eye, then slow down at the bottom of your eye. If you want, add a little more, but remember, don't be so hard with makeup.


I'd suggest using a peachy-colored lipstick or gloss, anything that isn't TOO peachy, but just right and very glamorous and nice. Make sure it's not ALL peach, maybe a little pink-ish peach-ish kind of lipstick/gloss.


This is the most important part. I'd suggest using a peachy blush, probably the same but a little different color than your lipstick. Make your cheeks very pink-ish but not THAT pink. Make sure you can still see your eye makeup, and make sure that your lips and eyes stand out.

Other things:

If you have pimples or zits or anything on your face that might disturb you, I'd suggest using bright concealer and medium foundation. I wouldn't use light concealer or foundation because it takes away the attention from the rest of your makeup, so take it easy.

That's all I need to give you Taaz'ers, so I hope this helps! Bye!

-Julie K. Pratt

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