Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners

Make Up for Ever Aqua Liners

Love Them, but They're So Exprensive.. :( I Will Be Looking for a Discount &Amp; Keep You Posted!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner ($23.00 for 0.058 oz.) is a new liquid liner that launched recently at Sephora. It claims to be “weather, tear, and sweat-proof color” and “100% waterproof.”

#1 is a semi-sheer yellowed gold base with gold shimmer.
#3 is a darkened forest green with olive and green shimmer.
#4 is a medium-dark blue-teal with silver and teal shimmer.
#5 is a bright blue with soft silvery-white shimmer.
#6 is a blackened, cool-toned blue-purple with silver and blue shimmer.
#7 is a blackened violet purple with blue-violet and purple shimmer.
#8 is a medium-dark red-based purple with violet and fuchsia shimmer.
#9 is a bright, neon pink with a soft sheen.
#10 is a neutreal red with soft ruby red shimmer.
#11 is a burgundy wine with fuchsia and pink shimmer.
#12 is a lightened black with a touch of brown.
#13 is a deep, dark black.
#14 is a black-brown with multi-colored shimmer.
#15 is a silvered black with multi-colored shimmer.
#16 is a colorless base with white shimmer.
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