Lipstick for you

Lipstick for You

Picking Out the Right Lipstick for You.

CoverGirl NatureLuxe LipStick
  • CoverGirl NatureLuxe LipStick
  • Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick
  • boots natural collection lipstick
  • Nourish-Mint Lipstick
  • Burt's Bees Lipstick with Vitamin E and Comfrey, Eggplant
Every ones skin tone is different and unique. When it comes to lipstick the brand is one of the last things you should think about. You want a lipstick that lasts, works well with your skin tone, feels natural, made with all good vitamins and minerals, and the right price. It's a fact that makeup is not cheap, but that doesn't mean that they can't be made cheap and work cheap. Be careful when your buying lipstick that you apply these simple rules before you buy it. First thing is that you look at the shade. if you are light skinned you should get a color that is more like a pinkish yellow-orange. If you are dark skinned a blueish purple looks best. Now i hope you don't take this like go out and get a neon blue lipstick, i'm talking more about the base. Second most important rule is that you check to see what it is made out of. Methylparaben is a harsh chemical that may be linked to cancer. Propylparaben is a harsh chemical mostly toward those who are easily allergic, it can cause irritated skin, eyes. Retinyl Palmitate is a fake form of vitamin A that may be toxic toward pregnant woman. Tocopheryl Acetate, also known as vitamin E acetate. It may cause you itching, burning, scaling, blisters, and hives. It may also be toxic. I recommend looking these chemicals up so you can know for sure the real effects it can have on you, over your lifetime you swallow around 4 pounds of these bad chemicals. Beeswax is probably the best that your lipstick can be made of. Often times it's wax, fragrance, oil, preservatives, antioxidants and pigment. Which aren't bad. A fact is that you shouldn't pay anymore than ten dollars on any lipstick no matter what brand it is, the actual lipstick can be better than the designer brands that your buying. So be careful and sure of what your buying. Have fun and look fierce!

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im definetly going to be more careful now This comment has been removed.
Have you heard of BITE lip products? They have antioxidants, and they are free of synthetics, polybutenes, and petroleum byproducts! Have you tried the CoverGirl Nature Luxe brand for lips? This comment has been removed.
Thanks for the tips on the chemicals! I'm not a huge lipstick fan, but I'm starting to be. Now I know which ingredients to avoid! This comment has been removed.
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