Lip Plumping Tricks

Lip Plumping Tricks

How to Make Your Lips Look Their Fullest

Lip Plumping Tricks
This is one of many lip plumping tricks I learned from being on various fashion photo shoots back when I was a model. A pro makeup artist (who was tired of having to reapply my gloss) showed me how to create the illusion of bigger lips using a totally unexpected beauty product: eye shadow. Turns out powder shadow is the best lip plumping technique since lip liner and gloss. Here's how to use it for maximum impact. Try on plumper lips in our virtual makeup studio.

To get big lips, use the tip of your finger or an eyeshadow brush to apply a bit of shimmery eye shadow to the inner-center of your lower and upper lip. Do this after you've applied your lipstick du jour.

You can experiment with whatever lip color combinations you like (pink shadow on red lipstick; pearly white shadow on nude lipstick; gold shadow on apricot lipstick etc), but the shadow needs to be lighter than the lipstick in order to impart an authentic gloss-like finish. The effect is this surprisingly gorgeous, multidimensional sheen that makes the lips perfectly luscious.

Naturally, powder shadow stays put longer than the average gloss. That makes this lip plumping trick perfect for windy days when you know strands of hair are going to be getting caught in your sticky gloss. Of course, you can always amp up the look by wearing all three: lipstick, shimmery shadow and gloss. Talk about a power pout. --Stephanie Simons


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Wow, contouring your lips? That's so weird, I've only ever heard of contouring your face! thanks for the tip, have to try that out sometime. This comment has been removed.
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