Lip pencils instead of lipstick: What do I win?

Lip Pencils Instead of Lipstick: What Do I Win?
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Are you obsessed with lipstick?

Here's a smart proposal that turns out to not be outside your budget and will increase the color collection that you use for your lips!

Invest in lip pencils, not only for your lips' outline, but also for the surface.

You will find three different options below:
a) If you want a glossy effect, apply a clear lip gloss after.
b) For satin texture, apply lip balm.
c) If you want your lips look matte, just leave it as is

+++Using lip pencils you're saving money and the color stays longer on your lips.

---But the default is that lip pencils don't give you the anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients as other products do.

---Moreover, they can dehydrate your lips so the necessary steps to follow is to apply a lip blam before you apply your lip pencil, wait, and then remove it with a napkin.

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I love lip pencils! While I like the twisty ones the best that don't require sharpening, another one of my FAVES are Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils! Love 'em!! This comment has been removed.
I do this all the time! Thanks for sharing! This comment has been removed.
Smart idea! It'll probably last longer throughout the day too :) This comment has been removed.
@hzlaugher glad you liked it honey :) thank you for your comment!! xoxo This comment has been removed.
Oh yes, i love lip pencils! thanks for sharing. :) This comment has been removed.
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