Iconic Makeup Looks

Iconic Makeup Looks

Learn How to Channel a Classic Beauty Icon

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For a stunning makeup application, take a cue from one of the greats. The signature looks of classic beauties from decades past have been coveted and copied all over the world. Here are just a few of our favorite icons, and tips on how you can snag their looks for your very own.


Twiggy was a huge beauty icon of the 1960’s, known for a graphic, mod-lined eye and va-va-voom lashes. To get her dramatic eye look, start by applying a primer to your eyelid. Follow it up with a matte, white eye shadow, applied from the lash line to the crease. A key aspect of the mod eye is the cut crease—achieved by contrasting a dark shade of shadow in the crease with an incredibly light shade on the eyes. To cut your crease, grab a pencil-tipped eye shadow brush, load it with matte, black shadow, and sweep the color in the crease of your eye with a windshield-wiping motion. Start on the outer end of the crease and work your way in. Repeat this process until you reach your desired level of darkness, taking care not to extend the black shade past the boundary of your crease. Finish with layers of volumizing mascara or a pair of false lashes (if you’re feeling extra-daring).

Sophia Loren

Also known for her distinctive eyes, Sophia Loren’s claim to fame was her artful application of the classic cat-eye liner. To get her look, first sweep a light layer of shimmering, sheer eye shadow from lash line to just under your brows. Then, grab your liquid eye liner of choice and proceed to paint the liner on as close to your lash line as possible, using short, connecting strokes. Be sure to work your way from the outer lash line to the inner, as the area you first lay your brush on will see the greatest deposit of pigment. Keep in mind that you will want the liner to get progressively thicker—but not too thick!—as you travel from inner to outer corner. Finish the cat-eye with its defining upward flick. Simply extend your natural lower lash line at an upward slant on both eyes (this little trick ensures that both “flips” are the same), and connect with the line you already created on your lid. Finish with two coats of mascara.

Marilyn Monroe

The iconic blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe was known for her signature platinum locks and ruby-red lips. Rest assured ladies: blondes, brunettes, and redheads alike can rock the red Marilyn pout. To get the look, first line lips with a red lip pencil of your choice, taking great care to fill them in completely. This ensures that your lipstick will last all day without bleeding or fading. In true vintage fashion, grab your favorite matte, red lipstick and apply with a lip brush. Finish by blotting any excess color off with a tissue.

Channel your inner icon today with one of these classic looks.

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