How to use the right blush. Not the 'clown…

How to Use the Right Blush. Not the 'Clown Blush'

Do You Wear Clown Blush? This Is the Right Technique You Need to Know.

Blush is not a bright red circles on the apples of the cheeks, its a touch of color that brightens up our face.

A right way to put blush is use a fluffy brush,pick up the compact and dab it at the back of your hand to remove excess.
Choose what technique fits the shape of your face.

How to choose the right shade:
Fair skin tone with cool undertones: baby pink with hints of mocha or beige; soft rose
Fair skin tone with warm undertones: golden apricot; light peach with a touch of pink

Medium skin tone with cool undertones: cranberry or light raspberry; rosy pink
Medium skin tone with warm undertones: sunkissed apricot; soft coral with brown undertones

Dark skin tone with cool undertones: plum; grape; dark raspberry
Dark skin tone with warm undertones: brown suede; deep coral with a little bronze

Blue Eyes
What works: Peach or icy pink draws attention to light eyes.
What doesn't: Plum.rather than enhancing it minimize them

Green Eyes
What works: Any shade of pink. "It will make your eyes appear greener and more striking," McCarthy says.
What doesn't: Deep plum. It neutralizes the yellow flecks.

Brown Eyes
What works: Berry hues. Dark eyes often have hints of yellow in them, so they pop against pinkish plums.
What doesn't: Neutrals or browns. They blend into the yellow undertones of your eyes, leaving you looking drab.

Hazel Eyes
What works: A pink with violet undertones, like mauve. It plays up the iris's mix of green, charcoal, and amber.
What doesn't: Orangey pinks. "They dull the base color of gray in hazel," says Jim Crawford, a celebrity makeup artist.

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