How to turn your leftover lipsticks into brand new…

How to Turn Your Leftover Lipsticks Into Brand New Lipgloss!!

Stop Throwing Out All of Your Old Leftover Lipsticks ...Upcycle Them Into New Glosses Instead!!

Homemade Gloss
  • Homemade Gloss
  • Empty Lipstick Tubes
  • Homemade Gloss in Paint Pots
  • Empty Cosmetic Pots
  • Homemade Lipgloss
  • Apply With Brush
  • Lipstick As Blush
  • Vaseline
  • Watercolor Palette
  • Handmade Gloss Pot Stickers
  • Flavored Edible Oils
All of us have had that one favorite lipstick that we have had to throw out because it was almost empty. Well, from now on DON'T THROW OUT THE LEFTOVERS!! You can use them to make yourself a cute new lipgloss in seconds!

You Will Need:

-Old leftover lipstick tubes with some left in them.
-Small empty cosmetic pots (Available cheap at any beauty supplier)
-Edible Flavored Oils (OPTIONAL)
-Beeswax (OPTIONAL)

1) Go to any beauty supply store and buy a few empty cosmetic pots for just a couple bucks.

2) Save all of your almost empty lipsticks, even colors you don't like (You will see why later).

3) Using a toothpick scrape the leftover lipstick into the new cosmetic pot. Get every last bit out of there!

4) Add a little bit of Vaseline into the pot with the lipstick and mix well. If you want it to have a smooth and new finish allow it to sit somewhere warm for a little while and it will melt, then when you lat it harden again it will look like a brand new gloss!

5) Use your finger or a brush to apply! When your friends ask you what kind of gloss you are wearing tell them it is "Limited Edition" and very VERY hard to find! ;)

- If you have lipsticks that you do not wear because you don't like the color try mixing a few different colors together to create your very own shade! You can buy white lipstick and mix a bit in to lighten your glosses up to a brighter color.

-If you want to be even more frugal, instead of buying cosmetic pots from a beauty supplier, save all of your old empty ones, clean them out and reuse them!

-Instead of Vaseline feel free to add a few drops of your favorite flavored gloss!

-If you don't want a ton of little pots kicking around another idea is to scrape all of your old lipsticks into an empty plastic watercolor palette (one with a cover)...Then you will have a palette of your very own lipgloss shades and you can create new ones and mix and match as you run out of more all in one case!

-You can also use a small contact lenses case then you can throw it in your purse and have two shades in one case!! Empty kids paint containers work good as well or pill cases (The ones with the days of the week).

-You can also use leftover lipsticks as blush!! Just apply with your finger making dots along your cheekbone up to your temple and blend well. Voila!! A perfect dewy flush of color!!

-Some people melt the Vaseline and lipstick in a bowl over a pot of simmering water. If you use this method you can also add beeswax shavings to the mix if you wish (use a vegetable peeling to make shavings), although it is not necessary. Be sure to use a METAL bowl.

- For flavored glass add a few drops of flavored edible oil. Just make sure it is edible first!! Mint is a great choice!

-These make for fantastic gifts!! Wrap a few pots up in a little pouch with a cute ribbon and voila!! There is no better gift then handmade!!

-If you want them to look professional you can design a cover on your computer then print it onto sticker paper, then just peel and stick on the lid! Or just but some cute stickers that will fit your lid at the dollar store!! Hello Kitty, Barbie and Princess stickers will all look cute!

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