How To Temporarily Hide A Tattoo..

How to Temporarily Hide a Tattoo..

Although You May Love Your Ink There May Be an Occasion Where You'd Rather Conceal it..Here's How!

Tattoo Cover Up With Makeup
Lets say you are headed to a formal event and want to wear a beautiful strapless dress BUT you don't want everyone to see the Bugs Bunny tattoo you got during collegge...Well, follow these three simple steps used by makeup artists to temporarily conceal you ink:

1) Dab a heavier concealer in the same shade as your skin tone over your ink and an inch around it. Next, rip a makeup sponge in half (the rough edge will diffuse any hard lines), and blot to blend it well.

2) Lightly mist it with a spray foundation to add another layer of coverage as well as give an even finish.

3) Use a big, fluffy brush to dust on a layer of translucent powder to set it all in place.

Voila!! No one will ever know your little secret!!

Mac Concealer
Dior Airflash Spray Foundation
Laura Marcier Translucent Powder

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