How to Perfectly Prime Your Skin Before Applying…

How to Perfectly Prime Your Skin Before Applying Makeup

Score a Perfect Complexion With These Tips!

Ever completed your typical makeup routine in the morning with an air of satisfaction and then proceeded to look at your face at midday in horror as you realized the way the makeup is sitting on your face? I’ve had my share of these experiences—most definitely more times than I care to admit. Well, keep reading to learn about some of the tips on how to avoid this!

First and foremost, always, always wash your face in the morning—particularly if you wear moisturizer for your nightly skincare routine. Imagine a layer of leftover residue sitting on your skin from last night’s moisturizer, trapped between your skin and a layer of makeup for the next 12 hours. Your makeup is bound to begin sliding off (if not look greasy) as the day progresses.

Next, if you have oily skin, try to avoid using a heavy moisturizer before applying makeup. For instance, I personally get oily skin during the hotter months, so I opt out on heavy cream moisturizers before makeup application. Instead, try using a vitamin C serum, which is easily absorbed by the skin and protects against UV sun damage. Remember to allow at least 10 minutes for the product to absorb before applying anything else on top!

Lastly, if you’re going for budge-proof makeup, look for a primer that works for your skin type. Silicone-based primers are good for creating a seamless canvas and controlling oil production. Keep these tips in mind, and you will be on your way to a flawless makeup look that will last you longer than ever!

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I have combination skin, so during the summer, I switch my moisturizer to the Murad oil-control mattifier. That's only if I'm wearing makeup. Otherwise, I just use my basic moisturizer with SPF. This comment has been removed.
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