How to make small lips appear lager without surgery…

How to Make Small Lips Appear Lager Without Surgery or Pain.

Beauty Does'nt Have to Be Pain in This Case..

If you're like me and have thin small lips, then these tips will make you feel like you have beautiful juicy lips :)


When it comes to small lips, you need to try and stay away from dark and bright lipshades, because this can make your lips appear even smaller!

If you're daring enough to wear a dark or red lip shade, don't draw too far away from your natural lip line with a lip liner because this will make your lip look worse. Almost like clown lips (and we don't want that)

Exfoliate your lips to create a smooth base by getting rid of flakey skin. This believe it or not makes the lips appear more full and juicy!

If you love your make-up, try and keep the attention away from the lips and maybe give the attention to your eyes? A darker eye and a nude lip.


Pluming Lipglosses - This really does work, the ingredients in the lipgloss give off a tingling sensation and plump the lips every so slightly. Wear it over your favourite lipstick to enhance your lips a little.

White Eyeliner - After applying your favourite lipstick, grab a white eyeliner and draw above your natural lip line above the cupids bow and below your bottom natural lip line. Smudge them lightly until they are blended in. Add a tiny amount of sheen eyeshadow just above the cupids bow and just above the chin to add depth. This is one of my favourite ways and it has a brilliant effect.

Concealer Lips- (this one is for the daring) Cover your lips with your concealer, this will hide all inperfections and natural lip line. Grab a lip liner and draw slightly above your natural lip line and creat a new one. Make sure the shape is natural looking and not too huge. Maybe make the lips more circular? Then apply the lipstick with a lip brush.

Lipgloss Mad- Lipgloss is always a great way to make lips appear bigger. If your wearing lipstick or just your natural lip always out on a good amount of lipgloss. This will make your lips look plump and juicy.

Defining- If you're wearing a red lipstick for instance, try and be creative by applying a darker red shade to the inside of the lips. This is time consuming but gives the effect of sculpt lips.

Nude lips are always in the fashion world, so if you are'nt daring enough to use these tips then dont worry, there are tons of nude lip and heavy eye make-up styles around

Hope some of these tips helped you! They worked fine with me :)

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@nume123 Thankyou :) Well i know how much it sucks to have small lips so i thought id share some tips and tricks with you that ive heard over time! And yes it would be great to have natural plump juicy lips haha :( This comment has been removed.
i love this article my favourite on here so far i have used some of these before but a few new tips for me to try tomorrow thanks heaps :) if only we could have gorgeous plump lips naturally ! This comment has been removed.
I like the white eyeliner tip....I'll try it! Thanks for sharing! This comment has been removed.
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