how to get perfect natural make up

How to Get Perfect Natural Make Up

Prefect for School/work

First, you apply a primer, i use studio sublime finish, by l'oreal, £9. then i apply a thin layer of studio fix fountain, by m.a.c, £19.50. After that i apply extra virgin minerals powder, by the body shop for £15. I also apply some bronzer, £6.50 if i feel i need some colour. Thats the base of my make up, now time for some long lashes, glossy lips and darker eyebrows!
Then i apply my eyebrow pencil, which i find very useful to help shape my eyebrows, bye maybaline, £3.99. I then go over any blemishes with tea tree conceal, from body shop, £6.00. I also carry it around with me in case i need a quick dot here and there. then i use No7 curved lashes 60* mascara, £11.00 for length, i go over the top of it with maybaline day and night mascara, £7.10.
finally, i apply dark pink lip tint from the bodyshop, £7, onto my bottom lip then rub them together for a splash of colour. i go over it with lip balm and my look is finished.

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