How to get big and bright "Doll-Eyes"!!

How to Get Big and Bright "doll-Eyes"!!

How to Achieve That Wide Eyed and Flirty Look Just Like a Doll!

  • Doll-Eyes
  • Doll-Eyed
  • Wide-Eyed and Doll-Like!
  • Drawn Lower Lashes
  • Drawn Lower Lashes
  • Layer Two Mascaras
  • Curl Lashes
  • White on Waterline
  • Falsies Optional
Nothing says sexy like a fresh, wide-eyed pair of peepers and long fluttery lashes. Keep reading to find out how to achieve the look for yourself!

You Will Need:
-Liquid liner (black or dark brown)
-Matte Light blush colored eyeshadow
-Champagne colored shadow (Matte or shimmer)
-Two different mascaras (Both Black)
-White eye pencil
-lash curler
-False Lashes (Optional)
-Brow Pencil (Optional)

Get The Look:

1) Conceal!- The first step is to apply concealer to banish any dark bags under your eyes. This will give you a wide awake look that is a trademark of doll-eyes. For a really fresh look try concealer in a shade or two lighter then usual. Just be sure to BLEND well. Apply foundation or concealer to your lids as well to get rid of an discoloration and create a nice base for your shadow.

2) Shape Up!- The next step is to grab a pair of tweezers and whip those brows into shape. Now this does NOT mean plucking hem within and inch of their life. Simply shape and define you arches and clean up any strays.Grab a pencil and use that as a guide. Hold it against the side of your knows and pluck any strays the fall on the outside of the pencil. Now line it up with your pupil while staring straight ahead, where the pencil hits your brow is were your arch should be. Finally, line the pencil up diagonally with the outer corner of your eye and clean up any strays on the outer side of the pencil. This is where you brow should end. Then tidy up any strays on top and beneath. Your brows frame your eyes and well-kept ones will make your peepers pop!

3) Highlight!- Highlight your brown bone with a dusting of a champagne colored shadow. You can also highlight your tear duct but this is optional.

4) Shadow!- Apply a light pinkish blush tone to your lid. It should be sheer and you should blend it to avoid any harsh lines.

5) Line Up!- Using a liquid liner, line your upper lash line starting at the inner corner and getting slightly thicker as you get to the outer corner. Now for the part that will really give you doll eyes (This is optional) use your liner to create three small slightly diagonal lines extending from the outer corner of your lower lash line. They should look like long, flirty lower eyelashes from a glance. See images for example.

6) Curl Power!- Curl your lashes with a lash curler to open them up. Using a lash curler get as close to you eyelid as possible (Don't pinch it!!) and clamp down your curler, now hold it for ten seconds then give it a few pumps. Now without removing it from your lashes slide it up to about halfway up your lashes then hold and pump again. This will create a dramatic curl.

7) Lashes!- The most important part of any doll-eyes is definitely the lashes. Big, flirty lashes are the secret to super huge eyes. If you wish you can apply false lashes prior to applying your mascara but it is optional and you can still get huge lashes without them by following my tips below.

First, apply a coat of eyelash primer and allow to dry. Now I am going to share a trick that I use everyday for HUGE lashes. Use two mascaras: Preferably one lengthening and one curling/thickening but any two will do. Apply a coat of the 1st mascara to the TOP of your upper lashes(the underside, the part that touches your lid when your eyes are open) first. Now apply it to your upper lashes as you normally would starting at the base and pulling up, wiggling a bit as you get to the tips.
Allow to dry for a few seconds but not completely then go in with the 2nd mascara and repeat. Keep building layers, alternating between your two mascaras until you achieve the desired look. Repeat with your bottom lashes, wiggling the brush back and forth to coat each lash and build thickness and length. Turn the wand vertically to get the tiny lashes on the inside of your lower fringe.
Finally, focus on the outer corner of your top lashes and holding the brush vertically pull it straight out and up on an angle to pull the lashes on the outer corner out into a flirty fringe, kind of like a cat eye effect with your top outer lashes. Don't worry if it is slightly clumpy as this just adds to the doll-eyed look.

8) Finally, run a white eye pencil along your water line (inner lower lash line) to finish off your doe-eyed look and really open your eyes!

To get the complete doll look opt for porcelain skin with a foundation that has an airbrush finish, a swirly of rosy pink blush and a pale pink glossy pout! Now go bat those lashes!!
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