How to create a "Fire eyes" look!


How to Create a &Quot;fire Eyes" Look! : Make Your Face Look Sharp and Hott and Your Eyes Look Fierce!

Things you'll need: BTW all of the things named below are by BareMinerals
Full Flawless Face Brush
Max Coverage Concealer Brush
Shaping Eye-Brush (Double Ended) including eyeliner and eye shadow brush
Flawless Face Face Coloring Brush
Taperd Blush Brush
Fairly Light SPF 15 Foundation
Warmth face color
Joyous Jennifer Blush
Lemon Zinger eye shadow
Noble eye shadow
The Cocktail Hour compact
Spiked eye shadow
Flawless Defenition Curl and Lengthen Mascara
Rose Gold eye glitter

Step 1: Skin
Apply Fairly Light foundation with Full Flawless Face Brush
Use Max Coverage Concealer brush to apply Fairly light foundation to areas of concern
Apply Warmth face color in a circle from chin to forehead, with Flawless face brush. (ONLY ON OUTER THE CHIN FOREHEAD, NECK, AND OUTER CHEEK BONES)
Apply Joyous Jennifer Blush with tapered blush brush.

Step 2: Eyes
Okay so here comes the "Fire Eyes" part of the deal.
Lemon Zinger eye shadow is the first thing to go on. Use the eye shadow brush on the Shaping eye double ended brush to apply this. Apply thikly until a dark yellow/orange shadow is casted over your upper lid.
Next comes "Spiked" eye shadow from The Cocktail Hour Compact. Apply over Lemon Zinger eye shadow until a dark orage is present.
Over all that apply Rose Gold eye glitter.
Now for the eye liner. apply a light coat of Noble eye shadow/liner ONLY HALFWAY ACROSS THE EYE, not beyond the puple. Apply thikly but lightly, smuge lightly.

Now all you need is a coat of mascara and your good! Enjoy the look!

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