How To Contour Your Face With Makeup?

How to Contour Your Face With Makeup?

Do You Wish You Had Defined, Prominent Cheekbones? Well, Now You Can!

Contouring Diagram
Contour Compact
First of let me start by saying that not everyone needs to contour. If you already have chiseled cheekbones then you probably don't need contouring. However, if you aren't blessed with perfectly sculpted features then by all means, read on!

1) Foundation: Apply a light base foundation over your entire face with either a cosmetic sponge or a foundation brush. This created a nice, even canvas ideal for contouring.

2) Conceal: Choose a shade no more than two shades darker than your skin tone. Too dark will look unnatural and will not blend well. Apply to the following areas using either your index finger or a foundation brush...

Jaw Bone- Starting at your ear and working your way down to your chin, shade with the concealer, making sure to follow the natural curve of your jawbone. Blend well.

Cheekbones- Pucker your lips making a fish face and draw a straight line under your cheekbone, parallel with your jawbone. Start at the temple and work your way down towards the outer corner of your mouth. Do not apply to much, start with a light application and build on more as needed. It is easier to add then to take away. Blend well.

Chin- Shade lightly under the chin and a dot on the crease (under the lip). Blend out from under your chin into your neck.

Temple- Shade gently on the outer edge of the brow.

Nose- To create the illusion of a slimmer nose draw a line from the inside of the eyebrow down the side of the nose to the tip. Blend well.

Highlight: Use a concealer one shade lighter then your skin tone as a highlighter, and apply to the forehead, bridge of your nose, chin and cheeks.

4) Blend More: Go over blending any spots you may have missed until it is well blended and looks natural.

5) Powder: Apply a dusting of loose powder to set your contouring. Use a large fluffy brush and dust a light layer to avoid looking cakey.

6) Blush: If you want you can apply a swirl of blush to the apples of your cheeks. However, this is optional and is not necessary.

-You can also use a powder bronzer for contouring just avoid shimmer and go for a matte finish to keep it looking natural.

-Be careful not to over-highlight your cheekbones, since that is the flashiest part of your face when you smile.
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