Hide Flaws With Makeup

Hide Flaws With Makeup

How to Use Makeup to Hide Flaws

Hide Flaws With Makeup
We all know it’s possible to use lip liner and a hint of gloss to achieve the appearance of plump, bee-stung lips (sure beats the cost, pain and potential mistakes associated with collagen injections). But how do you go about lifting drooping eyes, hiding a double chin or camouflaging dark circles without resorting to invasive treatments or going under the knife? It's simple: hide flaws with makeup. These tricks will help you play up your prettiest parts and play down the rest, no plastic surgery needed.

Wanna Fix Drooping Eyes?

Emphasize the upper eyelid with light, neutral shadows, which work to highlight and open up the area. Smudge liner on your top lashline, extending it upward and outward beyond the outer corner of the eye (in subtle Cleopatra fashion). Darker shadow applied to the crease should also be blended upward and outward, never downward. Line the bottom lashes beginning at the outer corner of the eye and extending only halfway, beneath the pupil.

Wanna Fix Dark Circles?

These common flaws can become more pronounced with age. Blue circles are generally caused by blood pooling underneath thin skin that surrounds the eyes; dark brown or yellowish circles are typically caused by a buildup of melanin exacerbated by sun exposure. Opt for a concealer that has a creamy consistency to camouflage without caking. Choose a yellow-based tone if your dark circles have a blue cast. If the circles are melanin-induced, pick a peachy concealer that will blend with the rest of your flesh. In either situation, an iridescent taupe shadow can be used to call attention to the upper eyelids.

Wanna Fix A Double Chin?

A powder bronzer or foundation that’s a few shades darker than your natural complexion is your secret weapon for contouring the jawline (this trick is particularly helpful if you plan to appear in photos or on television, which can add pounds to even the thinnest frames). Apply either one where the jaw meets the neck, blending downward to create a shadowing effect. The darker shade will appear to make the area recede.

Wanna Fix Under Eye Hollows?

As you age, the skin under the eyes becomes thinner and has a tendency to become puffy or hollow, depending upon genetics. For those who want to disguise the latter problem, apply a yellow-based concealer to the area, using a delicate brush, after you’ve applied foundation (if you apply concealer first and then blend foundation, you’re erasing all of your handiwork). Apply blush starting at the top of the cheekbone, near the center of the ear, sweeping it downward toward the nostril, but not extending it beyond the pupil of your eye. Follow with a highlighter, a few shades lighter than the blush, directly applied to the hollow of the eye. --Stephanie Simons


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I like using a green-shade concealer. since red and green are complimentary colors, they cancel each other out to create a neutral tone. if you have sensitive skin, make sure you look for a product that doesn't have harsh ingredients. This comment has been removed.
I have a lot of red (from inflammation) on my skin...what type of concealer works better for me?? This comment has been removed.
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