From Lipsticks to Setting Sprays – DIY…

From Lipsticks to Setting Sprays – DIY Makeup Tricks

DIY Homemade Make Up

We all love exploring new makeup lines and products... but sometimes, we wish we could create a new shade or texture ourselves at home. If you have ever thought about creating your DIY makeup before, but weren't sure where to start exactly, this article will help you with all the tips and tricks to discovering the world of homemade makeup!

DIY Cream Lipstick/Blush
Instead of the regular crayon method, we would prefer using a very highly pigmented, creamy matte eyeshadow in a vivid pink or red shade – it’s safer and you will get a better pigmentation at the end. Crush the shadow of your choice into small piece and mix it with heated Vaseline or a chap stick of your choice. Make sure to mix it well together - because of the creaminess of the chap stick and the pigmentation of the shadow, it will create a long lasting, colored lipstick or cream blush. Since we tend to avoid using pink or red on our eyelids, crushing these eyeshadow won’t be waste –it’s just reusing them in a more practical form. Once it is done, pour it into a little tin or an old lipstick case and wait for it to dry.

DIY Setting Spray
As you have probably noticed, one of the primers and setting sprays biggest ingredients is glycerin, which will make your makeup last for an eternity. Create your own setting spray with the help of a small cup of rose water, a tiny amount of witch hazel and 1-2 tablespoons of glycerin. Mix these ingredients well together and put it into a spray bottle. This mix will set your makeup without making it „melt off”, not to mention it’s a super cheap and skin nourishing alternative to regular makeup fixing sprays.

DIY Gel Eyeliner
If you are fed up with your regular kohl eyeliner pencil, you can easily turn it into a gel eyeliner. Grab your favorite, waterproof black eyeliner and put the tip in the flame for only 1-2 seconds. After, let it cool down for a few minutes and take the gel texture into a tiny jar. If it seems to get all clumpy and chunky, use a few drops of sensitive eye drops to help it get back its natural texture. With the new, creamy texture, it will be super easy to work with, especially if you are using a small, angled eyeliner brush to apply the liner.

DIY Makeup Remover
Having dry and sensitive skin and nothing seems to take off your makeup? Create the easiest and most efficient makeup remover ever with the help of coconut oil! Ensure that it is a bit warm, so it has a liquid consistency, and then simply work it into your skin with a cotton pad. The oil will gently pull off any makeup while nourishing your skin. Wash your skin after with lukewarm water to make sure the oil doesn’t stay on the surface of your skin.

DIY Eyeliner and Mascara
Activated charcoal will really come in handy if you would like to create anything black – whether it’s mascara, eyeliner or even eyeshadow. For the eyeliner, all you need is 3-4 capsules of activated charcoal, distilled water and of course, an empty eyeshadow tin where you can keep your new eyeliner. Spill a few drops of distilled water on the capsules and stir them slowly. After adding all the water to the capsules and getting the right, creamy texture, put it into the tin and press it until it has a smooth surface. You can either use this as a pigmented, creamy black eyeshadow or an eyeliner.

For the mascara, you will also need bee wax, aloe vera and a few drops of coconut oil besides the charcoal. Pour the ingredients into a heated pan, and once they start to melt, carefully add the charcoal as well. The mixture of oils will give it a very nice and practical texture. Once done, pour the mixture into a used mascara tube and let it cool down. If everything is stirred properly, you won’t have to be afraid of the mascara clumping up in the tube.

DIY Teeth Whitening
A quick search of the internet will provide numerous DIY home teeth whitening treatments for you to try, from using baking soda, to rubbing banana peel on your teeth, to apple cider vinegar rinses to coconut oil pulling, as well as making a paste from activated charcoal. If you do fancy a faster, less mess option you can also try some at home coconut and charcoal whitening strips - .

Before starting to experiment…
…check if you have allergies to any of the ingredients! It is a super important part that some people forget to do, but it’s better to check twice than to have any type of irritation. These DIY makeup ideas are definitely fun to try, even if the lipsticks won’t turn out to have MAC quality for the first try. If you have any recommendations for us, please don’t hesitate to send them over and we will credit your name and add your idea to our list!
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