Fashion and Beauty Tips (MUST READ)

Fashion and Beauty Tips (Must READ)
So You Wanna Be A Supermodel?
Tip #1: A woman who smiles often and is confident and comfortable in her own skin always look beautiful and leaves a lasting impression.

Tip #2: Wear what you feel comfortable in and if you have to question it...well then itu2019s probably not for you.

Tip #3: If thereu2019s a choice between wearing something that is too small or too big always go with a little bigger.

Tip #4: Use quality organic skincare on your skin as everything you put on your skin sinks in. Try: Kora Organics skincare

Tip #5: Drink warm water and lemon every morning, as it detox's your body.

Tip #6: Dry body brush everyday before taking a shower to keep your skin smooth all over.

Tip #7: Every woman should have Organic rosehip oil in her handbag. Itu2019s a product thatu2019s rejuvenating and packed full of natural goodness. Rosehip oil is also a natural way to remove eye makeup. Try: Kora Organics Luxurious Rosehip Oil

Tip #8: Use an organic spray mist when needed to keep skin hydrated and do not underestimate the importance of an organic eye gel/cream. Try: Kora Organics Balancing Rose Mist
Tip #9: Discover what supplements are right for your body and then take them as directed. Almost everyone needs a supplement to balance his or her busy lifestyle.

Tip #10: Donu2019t take yourself or life too seriously, frowning is one of the most damaging things we can do to our skin!

Whatu2019s your top beauty or fashion tip? If you could look like one supermodel who would it be? Thanks For Your Time :) I appreciate it!

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