Fall 2012 Makeup Trends That Can Make You a Real…

Fall 2012 Makeup Trends That Can Make You a Real Attention-Grabber

Fall 2012 Makeup Week

Viewers! Once again we are about to step into November. Cold breeze and snowfall are going to snatch away all the moisture from your skin all over again. Market of winter special beauty products has already groomed a lot. Several ideas for fall 2012 makeup trends are being laid forward. Let's have a look at some of them!

1. Never neglect application of winter cream. Whenever you wash your hands, make it your habit to apply moisturizer otherwise, the skin of your hands will appear dry and wrinkly. Forget not to buy the cold cream suitable for your skin type else your face and skin will get oily and greasy.

2. Lips are another important part that needs adequate moisturizer. If you think that you can continue using your summer special lipstick during the winters as well, then you are wrong. You ought to buy a completely new stuff.

Non lip-color users can apply lip balm. Otherwise, sparkling dark color lipsticks are always there for trendy ladies out there. Dark cherry, mulberry, brown, maroon, red and purple are some of the colors that you can choose.

3. Apart from lips, the second most important attention gaining component of your body is your eyes. In contrast to light makeup during summers, you can apply dark eye-shadows, liners, mascaras and eyebrow pencils so as to enhance the texture of your eyes.

One more thing you can do is to apply thicker eye-liners. It will give your eyes a much wider look. Trust it! Broader eye-liners is a very hot trend in present season.

4. Talking specifically about the eyebrows, it can be seen that thick brows are once again in. You can try them out once in a while. Along with changing your appearance, it can also give you a chance to remould your facial assets.

5. Applying Foundation Cream before actual makeup is the best technique. Along with aiding uniformity in your skin, it also gives your face a neutral color. Pimples, moles, dark circles and fine lines can be kept hidden beneath it.

Wait! Have you purchased moisture based Foundation? If not, then buy it ASAP. Foundation packs made using summer special formula are a big “NO” as par fall 2012 makeup trends.

6. Then comes the hair. Usually, during hot season, you prefer having shorter hair, as they are easy to tie. Similarly, cold climate gives you a chance to have vibrant haircuts so that you can experiment with your looks.

Curling and straightening can also be tried to walk around freely with your hair all open. After all, its winter. There will be no sweating. So, you can relaxingly flaunt your new hairstyle.

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