Extend Your Lash Love Through August

Extend Your Lash Love Through August

Maybelline Debuts 4 Limited-Edition Shades of Mascara

Maybelline Great Lash mascara tops beauty lists year after year as being the best drugstore brand among makeup lovers. Is it the iconic pink and green tube? The easy-to-use brush? Or, just the dark fabulous look it gives lashes? Whatever it is, many girls would agree that mascara is a beauty product they couldn’t (and wouldn't want to) live without.

For the month of August only, Maybelline will offer four colored mascara shades in purple, blue, green and teal. They, along with the original, will be available for sale at all places that Maybelline products are sold. A colored mascara adds a pop to eyes without having to go all out with heavy eye shadow. Plus, it’s just fun!

Some tips when applying mascara:

- curl lashes before applying mascara, otherwise you risk the chance of breaking off lashes
- apply one coat of lengthening mascara first, let dry slightly and add a thickening second coat
- use a lash brush to separate lower lashes (I usually don’t apply mascara to the bottom lashes, but to each her own)
- when using a colorful mascara, use a color that complements your eye color and doesn’t clash with the rest of your makeup

Mascara as with lip color is a beauty product every girl should have on hand. Just a swipe of color can change a look and it’s so easy to store and add definition to either the eyes or lips (or both!) when you have both of these makeup musts in your beauty bag. Maybelline used to carry an electric blue mascara which I loved, so I’m looking forward to trying out the other colors. Teal is going to be my first pick. How about you?

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