E.L.F Basics

E.L.F Basics

Eyes, Lips, Face!

elf lipstick
elf hypershine gloss
elf aocs
elf eyelid primer
Hey everybody! I am obsessed with the brand called E.L.F. Today I will be showing you there extremely pigmented items for cheap prices - all under $5!

E.L.F Essential Lipstick $1- In various colors, this richly pigmented color, (I own one myself - Fearless) will leave the 50$ brand lipsticks in shock.

E.L.F Essential Hypershine Gloss $1 - Lots of colors! This glossy color will leave your lips looking as reflective as ever. (I own Fairy, Festive, and Pink Lemonade '06)

E.L.F Essential All-Over Color Stick $1 - This color stick will add shimmer to anywhere. (I own Persimmon)

E.L.F Eyelid Primer $1- This primer works wonderfully, featured in more than 3 shades.

E.L.F Essential Eyeshadow - These richly pigmented quads are avaliable in many different color schemes.

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TBH, I haven't tried out the primer, however I've read reviews saying its amazing. The AOCS, I own my second tube. I read on that it does clog your pours, but I cleanse every night and I have no visible pores. YAY! This comment has been removed.
i want to try the essential all over color stick and primer,is the primer works good? This comment has been removed.
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