Drugstore Essentials: 3 Affordable, Must-Have…

Drugstore Essentials: 3 Affordable, Must-Have Products
Covergirl Bronzer
My makeup bag is a mix of both high-end products and drugstore brands. When it comes to a good, solid makeup product, I certainly don't discriminate. Today, I wanted to share a few of my must-have essentials from the drugstore: A loose powder, bronzer and concealer brush that continue to impress me day in, day out.

CoverGirl Professional Loose Powder. This finely-milled powder is my go-to product for setting my foundation. I also use this by itself sometimes when I want lighter coverage on my face. For around $8, you get a generous container of this CoverGirl powder. It goes on smoothly and has a tinge of sparkle to it, so it also works as a highlighter. I typically apply this using a stipple brush.

CoverGirl Bronzer. I've been using this bronzer in the “Copper” tone for years and it's fantastic. It gives my skin just enough glow and comes in very handy during those pale winter months. I usually buy this at Target for around $4-5 and apply with a blush brush.

EcoTools Concealer Brush. I bought this brush at Rite-Aid for $3.99 last year and instantly fell in love with the environmentally-friendly design. The bristles are perfect for blending in liquid concealer. I've also tried this brush with cream blushes and it works like a dream. For the price, it can't be beat.

What are YOUR go-to drugstore beauty products?

(Photo Credit: CoverGirl, EcoTools)

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