Cosmetics & Make Up in Alternative Uses

Cosmetics &Amp; Make Up in Alternative Uses

Use a Little Imagination and Willingness to Experiment!

You forgot to buy eyeliner, shadow or you run out of blush?
Some cosmetics can have multiple uses!

1. Lipstick , can be spread like a blush on the cheeks, giving them color and a natural fresh look.

2. Clear mascara or hair gel can be used for combing and fixing the eyebrows or for taming the flyaways.

3. Cream shadows in earthy shades can be used as a lipstick if mixed with a little vaseline or lip gloss, giving a very nice result.
Blush powder can do the same thing if well mixed with a little vaseline.

4. Eye shadow can be used as an eye liner if you apply it with a brush that is a bit wet.

5. When your mascara finishes, keep it.
Use the mascara brush to comb your eyebrows after you wash it first.
You can also do the same thing with your old toothbrush .

6. Apply on your lips a powder blush that has the same color with your lipstick.
In this way, you can make your lipstick last longer and have a matte velvety feeling to your lips.

7. A cream blush in a neutral color can be used as a lipstick, but also as an eye shadow.

8. If you want to fill in your eyebrows, and make them more intense, you can use a light brown matte eye shadow .
The same shadow can be used if you want to shade some of your face features , give emphasis to the cheekbones, or erase the double chin.

9. Vaseline or facial cleanser can be used instead of a lipgloss and give a similar result.
Vaseline can also make your hair look more shiny if you apply a small amount on them.

10. If you run out of concealer, you can use an ivory cream shadow on the area below the eyes.
If it looks too light, mix it with a drop of foundation.

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@hzlaugher I do 1,2,3,6,7,8,9 :) I haven't tried the others, but I am sure they work as well! :) I didn't think all of them, I read many articles the rest are tricks I've heard and do too :)) xx This comment has been removed.
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