Black And White Photo Makeup

Black and White Photo Makeup

How to Do Your Makeup for Black and White Photos

Black And White Photo Makeup
Duo-tone photos elevate headshots to elegant levels and if you like a photo with vintage appeal, matte black and white is the only way to go. The trick to looking great is wearing high contrast makeup. Our pros have rounded up a few tricks for effective black and white photo makeup. Try on photo makeup in our virtual makeup studio.

Aim for elegant simplicity in your makeup when getting a black and white headshot taken. Unlike full color photos, you don't have to worry about choosing the perfect color blush or even foundation. The goal is to create high contrast between your skin and your features (you could potentially wear a foundation lighter than your natural skin tone). Place all the emphasis at your lashline, keeping the lid lighter and using a taupe or dark brown shadow in the crease, from inner to outer corner. You can give your black and white photos a makeover by uploading a photo to Taaz. You have the option of using our free virtual makeover tool to highlight certain features with bold color. Make only your lips red or your eyes blue (as shown on the model here) for a black and white photo that's totally unique.

Using a bronzer that's darker than you would wear for everyday, contour your temples and just underneath your cheekbone to create the illusion of a more sculpted face. Line your lips in deep red and fill them in with a similar hue to make them stand out against your skin. Bear in mind that they will look grey in scale when the photo is printed, so any lipstick color that is both vibrant and dark will do the trick to make your lips pop.

To be photogenic, you want to steer clear of foundations with SPF as they tend to reflect too much light and make the face look shiny in all the wrong places. A matte formula will keep your T-zone from looking oily for prolonged periods, but it's not a wise option for dry skin (it can settle into lines and look cakey). After applying foundation with a foundation brush, illuminate your face in all the right places by applying concealer one shade lighter than your foundation underneath the eyes, down the bridge of the nose and around your mouth. Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Éclat radiant touch concealer/highlighter works wonders for lackluster skin on an everyday basis as well. The formula is ultra light and works to reflect light for a stunning makeup finish

Be sure to give your hair color a touch up before getting your picture taken. Black and white photos can emphasize dark roots, especially if you're a fair haired maiden.

For black and white photos (this includes headshots, engagement pictures or family portraits), women with lighter skin stand out better in darker clothing. Those with darker skin tones should opt for lighter hues. --

Stephanie Simons


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The SPF tip is an important thing to keep in mind. As a makeup artist, I can say that one of the biggest beauty blunders to to wear high SPF foundations when taking photos. Your face will glow like a light bulb compared with the rest of your body! This comment has been removed.
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