Beauty and Makeup Must Haves!

Beauty and Makeup Must Haves!

Credit to BareMinerals :) You Guys Rock!

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These are my top ten beauty must haves!

1) BareMinerals Eyelid and Foundation Primers! For makeup that lasts for hours on end!
2) BareMinerals Rose Gold eye glitter
3) BareMinerals "The Cocktail Hour" Compact- (colors; Black Tie Optional, Icebreaker, Swanky, Spiked, Elixir, Invite Only, Libation, Shaken Not Stirred)
4) BareMinerals Flawless Radience All-Over face color
5) BareMinerals Joyous Jennifer Blush
6) BareMinerals Lemon Zinger EyeShadow
7) BareMinerals Noble EyeShadow
8) BareMinerals Patio Party EyeShadow
9) BareMinerals Cha-Cha EyeShadow
10) Buxom Tonya (Rockstar) Lip Color

Thats it! I swear by these products because they are the best! The Tonya Lip color is great for dark eyye makeup and lasts all day! Noble EyeShadow is a great powder liner, cha cha eyeshadow looks great when applyed with Swanky from The Cocktail Hour compact Lemon Zinger is like a burst of yellow and stands out best with Patio Party eye color as a liner, And Rose Gold Eye Glitter Flawless Radence makes your face seemingly glow, and looks great with Joyous Jennifer Blush. Black Tie Optional seriously makes any eye color POP, Icebreaker makes any upper eye blackness dissapear. Spiked gives the eyes a burst of color and makes everyone in the room stare. Elixer rings out the natural beauty in any eye color. Invite Only INVITES people in and especially looks good with Shaken Not Stirred eye liner. And Liberation serves as a great backup for Rose Gold Eye Glit.

So, thanks for reading, and keep reading for more Trends by me :). See ya later!

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Thank you for the breakdown of products! It's nice to which specific products are people's faves. I like the eyelid primers myself. This comment has been removed.
@RoryGautsche Lemon Zinger is a great simple look so im so thrilled someone agrees with me. Most people think its a little TOO simple. And BareMinerals really is great. Thank you for commenting :) This comment has been removed.
@MonLovesMakeup Your welcome :) I'll be posting more good methods soon so keep looking. This comment has been removed.
I need to check out the Lemon Zinger eyeshadow....I like the lip color too. Thanks so much for sharing with us! I agree that BareMinerals is really nice! This comment has been removed.
Gotta love BareMinerals! Thanks for sharing your beauty favorites with us. This comment has been removed.
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