Nude Makeup

Nude Makeup

How to Wear Nude Makeup

Nude Makeup
Spring's got a whole lot of nude attitude going on. Fashion designers have introduced luscious shades of buff this season and makeup follows suit. The new nudes come in delicious shades that call to mind toffee and caramel and translate as "bare" when worn sheer on dark skin, but they also span khaki tones to complement fashion's military-inspired trends. Try on nude makeup in our virtual makeover studio.

Nude lipstick requires deeply smoky eye makeup and a burst of bronzer on the cheeks (sculpt the illusion of killer cheekbones by applying bronzing powder directly underneath the cheekbone). Exfoliate and moisturize your lips so they’re plenty smooth, apply your nude lipstick straight from the tube and finish with a nude lip liner. Applying lip liner after lipstick is easiest for anyone with unsteady hands. Plus, it makes it easier to stay within the lines and score a natural look. Pair with nude nail polish.

If you have fair skin that’s easily washed out when you're not wearing color, go for a makeup look that’s simply nude-inspired. Apply a tawny nude gloss over your favorite peach or pink lipstick. Dark chocolate eye makeup completes this neutral makeup look. For a special treat, top your gloss with a touch of cocoa powder to make kisses taste sugary sweet.

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