5 super helpful makeup tips to prepare you for your…

5 Super Helpful Makeup Tips to Prepare You for Your Masquerade Party

Some Useful Guidelines to Help You Out to Put on Make-Up for Your Masquerade Party

Masquerade parties are fun, interesting and of course, intriguing. They’re the perfect excuse for women to dress up, put on make-up and dance like nobody’s watching. Now, every costume party demands a special kind of wardrobe. Are you attending a 70's event, a carnival with Venetian masks or a black-tie gathering? Either way, your make-up has to remain intact for the whole evening. How do you preserve it underneath a mask? Here are some useful guidelines to help you out.

1. Opt for quality products
Quality make-up products will guarantee that your face stays fresh for more than 8 hours. Let’s begin with the basics. Before applying any make-up, invest in a quality concealer. Apply it on the whole face, and then apply foundation. There are all kinds of types and brands available; if you can’t decide or don’t know what to pick, ask for advice from the shop assistant. Assess your type of skin and then make a choice. Now that you've got the concealer and the foundation, select a blush that is in accordance with your skin tone.
Since you’re going to a masquerade event, you’ should contour the eyes to make them stand out. Opt for water resistant eye-liner and mascara, and exaggerate. Prominent cat-eyes or an outstanding smoky-eye make-up will make your face look unforgettable. Keep things classy though, and stay away from a tacky make-up. Don’t go all black, and use lighter shades on the upper eyelid to create balance.

2. Make your eyes or lips stand out
Even though masquerade parties are meant to be striking and out of the ordinary, this doesn't mean you should look like a clown. A classy make-up demands a certain routine; an order has to be maintained to make your face look beautiful and attractive. That being said, first you should decide on the type of masquerade mask you’re wearing. Is it a full-face or a half-face disguise? For example, if your eyes are overly exposed, you should opt for a striking eye make-up and nude lipstick for the lips; however, if the mouth area is exposed too, you can easily go for deep red lipstick to accentuate the whole make-up and grab attention.

3. Match your mask with your make-up
Masquerade masks come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colours. The Bauta for instance, comes in shades of white or gold, but it can also have additional beads and interesting designs; as for the Colombian, women will love this mask because it only covers the eyes, thus leaving the cheeks and the lips uncovered. If you’re going to a carnival and your mask is black for example, you are allowed to opt for black lipstick as well. It will compliment the whole outfit, and make yours in particular stand out.
4. No mask, just make-up
Now this is a cool trick that will make you stand out at a party. If you’re going to a costume event and you’re compelled to wear a mask, you can draw one of your face using make-up tools. Nobody will even notice the difference as long as you’re using quality make-up products. It’s really important to invest in waterproof eye-liners because you’ll be dancing and sweating; you don’t want your “mask” to wear off in the middle on the dance floor.

5. Don’t be afraid to use glitter
Glitter is a key element from your masquerade make-up. It must be used wisely and in the right quantities. First of all, you should purchase glitter from a professional make-up place or website not from an arts & crafts store. Stay away from too many colours; you want your make-up to draw attention without looking tacky and unappealing. For example, if your dress is silver, including some hits of silver in your masquerade make-up with glitter is an excellent way of spicing things up.
Now you’re ready for your masquerade party! It’s not easy to keep your make-up intact when you’re attending costume events. That’s because too much dancing leads to intense sweating, and intense sweating destroys a make-up. However, provided that you use the best products in the right order, you have high chances of preserving your make-up intact for more than 8 hours. If you are searching for a unique masquerade mask you can also log on to
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