6 make-up essentials

6 Make-Up Essentials
6 essentials
Unless you are a professional make-up artist, it is unnecessary, even excessive to have a whole trunk full of products, half of which you don’t even know how to use. Instead, select a few that you actually need and will use on a daily basis, plus a few extras for special occasions.
1. Foundation. Although some people say you can skip this, foundation really helps bring your whole look together.

Think it will look like a mask? It’s all about application! Skip the sponge or brush and use your fingers to apply only where you need it—under your eyes, on your lids and to smooth out uneven skin tones.

Skip the concealer unless you have blemishes that can’t be covered by foundation.

2. Powder. Loose powder will set your base for the rest of the day so you don’t need to keep reapplying. Loose is also lighter than pressed so you don’t need to worry about looking too made up. But say no to baby powder because it never looks flattering on anyone.

3. Peach-toned blush. Peach looks more natural than pink, especially for Asian skin. Pick a color that has equal amounts of both hues if you are on the fair side. A good blush should be able to go from day to night. Or, you can invest in a darker hue for evenings out.

4. A neutral eye shadow palette. This usually contains four colors that you can build on so you can actually go from day to night just by adding a darker color. While neutral sounds boring, it’s actually more useful than a trunkful of rainbow hues. Though those are cute, pick a few colors that match your hair, skin and eyes for days you want to have a bit of fun.

5. Mascara. A well put-together face is never complete without long, luscious lashes! Do you have short lashes? Pick one with a lengthening formula. If you’re partial to movie star eyes, get a volumizing mascara for the false lash look!

6. Lipstick. Pick one or two everyday neutrals and another two for parties and nights out. Take note: Neutral need not be boring! Pick a snazzy coral or a pretty taupe for day and your perfect red and a bright orange for night.

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