5 makeup tricks that make you look 10 years younger


5 Makeup Tricks That Make You Look 10 Years Younger :

As years pass, skin, eyes and lips start to turn, and the same style of makeup you use for years if not longer provide the results that you dreamed.

Therefore it is imperative to adjust your makeup according to age and use tricks to help you look younger with years.

Here are some simple tricks:

1. Do not load skin

An excessive skin makeup does nothing but add to you a few extra years. If you have dark circles or pigmentation spots, gently cover with a little correction, instead of using a foundation dense with great hiding power, the whole face.

Choose a liquid foundation, to standardize color, but without a load. The more your skin is more natural, even look younger.
2. Sparkles

Or tinted moisturizers with shining particles are ideal for mature skin.
Unlike the powder compact, which can gather in wrinkles and make skin look more mature, liquid formula with light reflecting particles give the illusion of glowing and youthful.

To correctly apply foundation, use a special sponge, which put a small amount and which to distribute evenly on the face.
3. Put your eyes in value

Eyelash curler, eye makeup and mascara pearl fail to give you back years. The easiest way that you can make your eyes look bigger and therefore younger is to curve your lashes and apply a little blush bright.

Over time, white eyes is not as intense, making the eyes look older. If you apply mascara for deep blacks, whites of the eyes will appear brighter and your eyes regain their youth.

Eyebrows are also very important, as they can add or delete a few years off your face.
Eyebrows are thick and dense ones that advantage and help you look younger. You can make it appear more often with a special paint for their definition.

4. A touch of pink

A neutral pink lips and cheeks applied youth play and give your face that blushing teen. Use the small catităţi both lips and the cheeks.
5. Attractive lips

Line lips slightly faded with passing years, and the lips do not seem as strong and full, and lipstick can spread, which definitely hurt even the most successful makeup.

Use an eyeliner in neutral shades to shape your lips, lipstick so much better to fix the lips look more firm.

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