4 tricks that makeup to look natural


4 Tricks That Makeup to Look Natural :

Managed as a natural makeup makeup is almost invisible. This is the motto of a natural look.

The secret is the correct and appropriate quantities of cosmetics, which fail to reveal your most beautiful features, but without anyone to not notice.

Remember that other people have to notice you, not your makeup! Here are some tips for a perfect natural makeup:

mineral powder

The products use fewer, the better, and this helps mineral powder. Because it is formulated lighter and better coverage, successfully replaces mineral powder foundation and powder classic.

brown eyeliner

Even if you love black eyeliner, you should know that the day may seem pretty harsh.

You should replace it with a brown or dark brown, which gives a much more natural. Make sure that red pencil tones have not given because it can make you look tired.

Shimmer eyeshadow

Makeup slightly pearlescent shades, such as champagne, cream, beige, peach are perfect for the day. Important is to choose those with very fine sparkles.

The transparent gloss

Can be very sensual lips only a simple application of a transparent or pink gloss natural. Will be at the same time and well hydrated. Another advantage is that you can reapply quickly, even without a mirror.
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