3 New Ways to Wear Eyeliner

3 New Ways to Wear Eyeliner
We’re all familiar with the cat eye and smudged eyeliner looks, but every now and then, it’s fun to mix it up! Here are three new ways to wear eyeliner for the upcoming spring and summer season!

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*Bright Eyeliner
Start out with your usual black, liquid eyeliner on the top lashline. Next, use a white primer or cream eye shadow and create a line on top of your black liner. Follow up with a bright colored eyeliner of your choice on top of the white base.

*Double Winged Tip
Draw your usual winged tip on the top lashline. Next, line the bottom lashline and have it wing out as well, so it’s parallel to the top one. Finally, it’s optional to add a color in between both lines.

*Colored Bottom Liner
Take a bold colored eye pencil and line the inner rim of your bottom lashline. Next, smudge and set with a similar color. Wear a neutral eye shadow with lots of mascara and your regular eyeliner on top.

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Really like the bright eyeliner look! This comment has been removed.
I don't use liquid liner at all, but I really want to at least start using it. This comment has been removed.
I'm a fan of the bright eyeliner, but the double winged is also a really cool look. This comment has been removed.
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