11 Surprising Ways To Use Nail Polish!

11 Surprising Ways to Use Nail Polish!

Sure It Looks Great on Your Nails but Check Out These Other Genious Ways to Use That Spare Polish.

Red Nail Polish
Button Repair
Tom Binn Earrings-DIY With Polish!
Next time you paint your nails don't be so quick to put the cap back on. Try out these five fabulous out-of-the-box ideas for an old beauty staple.

1) Use it to paint the soles of your heels a-la-Loubouton! Use bright shades to give your old pumps a Spring makeover. Tip: Colored opaque formulas work best since they won't reveal the true color of your shoe. Use masking tape to protect the parts of the shoe you don't want to polish. If you need a second coat allow the first layer to completely dry first. If one coat is enough then pull off the tape to reveal a neat polish job!

2) Personalize your favorite bag! (Or anything else you want to monogram.) Use stencils and tape to create the perfect initials.

3) Repair scuffs and scratches on a pair of boots or shoes. It can be hard to find shoe polish that matches colorful kicks so instead swap it for a little bottle of nail vernis. Don't rely on straight-from-the-bottle color to get a perfect match, instead paint a nail and allow it to dry then compare the colors to make sure it is a close enough match to your shoes.

4) Update an old piece of jewelry! Create a do-it-yourself version of a Tom Binn's Design by covering up a faux jewel with a fresh new shade. Simply lay the piece on a paper towel and paint then allow to dry. Try adding some neon green, pink or sunny yellow to an old necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings!

5) Prevent new costume jewelry from tarnishing. Since tarnishing happens when air hits the metal causing it to oxidize, apply a clear coat of polish to your new faux jewelry will prevent it from discoloring and keep them looking brand new. Note: This will not work on already tarnished pieces.

6) Keep a small bottle of clear polish in your purse. If you are out and about and get a snag in your pantyhose, applying a dab of clear polish will prevent it from running.

7) Customize your cell phone case! Or anything else you wish!

8) Dip the end of your thread into a tiny bit of polish next time you are struggling to thread a needle. This is also a good tip when making jewelry because the stiffness of the polish makes threading beads a breeze! This is also a great trick for prevent strings and laces from unraveling!! If the tips comes of your shoelace simply dip it in clear polish and voila!!

9) Color code your stuff!! Use nail polish to color code everyday items such as your keys or different device chargers! No more jingling through keys or untangling chargers in the dark, just look for the one with the correct color!

10) Get rid of warts!! If you get one of those nasty little buggers, cover it up with a dab of clear polish. It will help get rid of it more quickly and prevent the virus from spreading!

11) Fix a loose button! Apply a touch of clear polish to the thread to keep a button snug and prevent it from popping off.

Other Tips For Using Polish:
-Keep your polish in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and easy to use.
- Shaking polish to mix can cause air bubbles. Instead roll it between your palms for a minute like the pros do!
-Wipe the inside of the cap and rim with a cotton swab dipped in

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