The classic makeup of Kangana Ranaut.

The Classic Makeup of Kangana Ranaut.

Kangana Ranaut Is an Established Actress in Bollywood and Part of That Is That Her Look Is So Unique

I always liked her as an actress, she is not the typical indian actress look but she is unique. She is versatile in her roles and fashion. Ive seen her makeup in this picture and ever since then i am obsessed with the dewey clean make up with bold eyes and nude lip color. She carries the look well compared to the traditional bollywood makeup. Her make up is sublte but bold a pefect fusion.

Plus this look has a vintage feel to it as well more modernized but classic.

How to Achieve this look:

Skin: Try having a foundation that has a hint skin brightning properties, if not a highligter. Anything that makes your skin dewey.

Eyes: Have A bright shiny white eyeshdow or even a champagne colored eyeshadow paired with a precise thick upper eyeliner. And some volumizing mascara. leave the lower lashes just coasted with mascara nothing else.

Blush: a bronze or dark peach color with some highlights.

Lips: a glossy nude lips color.

I love her look and i will certainly try it myself. i hope you do too. please comment!!!

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wow love her look,so simple..maybe because shes already pretty and dont need any make=) This comment has been removed.
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