Wonder Woman Makeup Looks

Wonder Woman Makeup Looks

Glossy Textures and Bold Colors for a Futuristic Makeup Look

Wonder Woman Makeup Looks
By far the most voluptuous superhero known to comics, Wonder Woman exudes all-American sex appeal (and her lasso is brilliant for roping in cute boys). A modern day Wonder Woman’s makeup palette would take its cues from Andy Warhol (think bold blues, reds and purples), allowing you to cut loose with unexpected colors that clash. Try on Wonder Woman makeup in our virtual makeup studio.

For Halloween, translate Wonder Woman makeup however you like—eyeliner or mascara can be worn in different colors on the top and bottom lashes, in colors such as mauve and deep purple. You can take the look a step further with a peach pout and contrasting peepers with dramatic lavender accents. Or play up lids with get-noticed eye shadows in sea green, navy blue and vanilla; forest green, petrol and burgundy.

To score big, bouncy Wonder Woman hair, blow dry long hair upside down brushing the roots in the opposite direction of growth with a giant paddle brush. Once it’s dry, set 2-inch sections of hair in large Velcro rollers and leave them in for 30 minutes; or wrap 2-inch sections of hair around a large barrel curling iron. Keep the look tousled by styling the curls only with your fingers (don’t brush out the curl). Finish the look with a gold headband, worn across your forehead and matching gold cuffs on both wrists. Ina pinch, a red leotard and thigh high boots will put your Wonder Woman costume over the top. –Stephanie Simons


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