we are all beaitiful


We Are All Beaitiful : We Are All Beautiful in Our on Way

some people say that they hate there life because of what other people say about them i am one of them people who hates there life because i have had to go through life with people taking the mickey out of my hair coulor and i am still going through it but i have learned that everybody is beautiful the way they are and that who ever dont like the way a person is then thats there problem and that they need to get over it because making someone feel like a freak or ugely is just plain rouge.its like christina aguilera's song you are beautiful no matter what they say words cant bring you down, because you are beeautiful in every single way yes words cant bring you down no no no sodont you bring me down today... when you feel upset about someone taking the mickey about you just listen to it, it will make you feel better trust me it workes for me.
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