Styling Preparation for the 2012 Emmy Awards

Styling Preparation for the 2012 Emmy Awards

Who Will Be &Quot;best in Style" This Year?

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To get ready for a big event, it takes a little more than swiping a brush through the hair and powdering the face. To get ready for the Emmy’s, I can only imagine the team it takes to get a star ready. Celebrities need to have the perfect gown and shoes. This, in addition to their hair and makeup, will be under scrutiny not only from the millions of viewers, but also by their peers, their idols and those with beauty and fashion lovers everywhere much like myself.

The stress levels of being a celebrity stylist must spike around awards season, but how would you approach it if you were styling a star?

When choosing the right dress, it’s best to look at a lot of options, but not too many. I would pull at least ten gowns to choose from. I would look for what has worked in the past and what hasn’t, as well as what was worn last year, so it isn’t too similar. I would take into account trends versus vintage and definitely make sure the dress is the right fit, color and has impeccable tailoring.

Some stars prefer to rely on signature looks like heavy cat eyeliner or bold, red lips while other stars prefer to go the more natural route with just a hint of color on a flawless complexion. When considering makeup for a big event, it’s always best to start with the best base possible, which means a pre-event facial might be a good idea at least a week prior. Good moisturizing, lots of water and plenty of rest are also some good steps to take.

Elaborate updos and sleek manes are always the most popular styles at the Emmy’s. Rarely do we see a hair mishap because it can immediately ruin an outfit. Blowouts must be frizz free and updos must fit the face frame and style of the rest of the outfit. Dry strands are not acceptable and loose ‘dos have been more popular in years past, but sloppy is never in.

Dresses, makeup, hair and then of course, there are accessories and handbags to think about for the 2012 Emmy’s, which air this Sunday. Just getting ready for the big day seems like a ton of styling work. Hopefully, the celebs don’t disappoint on the red carpet.

Who are you looking forward to seeing most at this year’s awards?

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