Street Style: St. Louis

Street Style: St. Louis
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Midwest street style often gets overlooked when it comes to fashion. Maybe because the temps aren't quite as ideal as California, which means more months of being bundled up or maybe because the cutting-edge fashion isn't typically their downtown neighbor like in NYC. However, when it comes to beauty and fashion, St. Louis still has some cover girl style.

The first look mixes feminine and masculine pieces to create a casual, downtown look. Nude and pale shades were all over the red carpet at the Golden Globes (not to mention several 2012 designer collections) heralding a big look for spring. The delicate pale rose hue of the dress is complemented well by the gray unlaced boots, which are necessary to keep the look from being washed out. Together the pieces create a relaxed and confident street style with strands of classic pearls adding a touch of uptown flair. Mixing different fabrics, colors and choosing the right accessory is the key to any outfit.

The second look also focuses on blending trends. A simple white fitted tank paired with bold print striped shorts are a hot look for spring/summer. The gold button detailing on the shorts is used as the "accessory" creating a more luxe look while still remaining casual. By pairing the outfit with neutral structured heels, it elongates the leg and creates an edgier style than had the look been paired with flats (which still would work well).

The street style of St. Louis is spot on with their trends and mixing fashions that look designer, but could be created on an affordable budget. Trends to watch: bold stripes; sheer, nude tones; structured shoes.

Thanks to Dominique Hernandez for the photos!

Hair, Makeup, Styling: U'Nique Candy, Makeup Artistry & Styling, LLC - St. Louis, MO
Photography: Jerren McKenney

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Wow, I love the first look with the feminine dress/rugged boots contrast! Not sure I could pull that off though... This comment has been removed.
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