September: A Good Month to Have the Blues

September: A Good Month to Have the Blues

4 Shades of Blue, 4 Ways to Wear It

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September is one of my favorite months mainly because my birthday is this month! This means that I am a Virgo perfectionist, but in terms of style and fashion it means that my birthstone is the sapphire. Maybe this is why sapphire (and other shades of blue) is such a popular color for this month. In many ways blue can be the new black in terms of versatility. Everyone can find a shade of blue that works for them and the color can be incorporated into any style in a number of ways.

Cobalt blue. Cobalt blue is an electric color that brightens up any outfit. Whether it is the star of your outfit like with a dress or an add on color like with a cardigan or blouse, the color carries a vibrancy that can’t be denied. Pairing cobalt blue with neutrals is the best way to go as to not overwhelm your outfit.

Navy blue. Navy is a good choice for your next blazer. To avoid looking too drab, choose a blazer that has a funky embellishment - gold buttons, a colorful lining or a trendy cut. Blazers are functional all by themselves, but when you throw navy into the mix it can really be add polish to any outfit.

Baby blue. Baby blue eyeshadow can be used for a lighter take on the smoky eye. If you don’t want to use the hue all over your lids, but still want to incorporate the color just line the rims of your eyes with the shadow and create a shimmery subtlety to your makeup.

Sapphire blue. If you are a traditionalist, have a birthday in September or just like the stone, feel free to rock this gorgeous gem. Sport a sapphire pendant, earrings or get creative with a sweet hair clip or pin. Sometimes simple and sparkly are just enough to make an outfit special.

If you've been wondering if blue is for you, here are some ways to get you started with the color!

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