Professional Image Makeover

Professional Image Makeover

Achieve a Professional Look With Classic Hair and Makeup

Professional Image Makeover
To look polished for a job interview, your hair should be clean (or at least look the part thanks to a light dusting of dry shampoo). Keep long bangs out of your face with a tasteful accessory, like a solid-colored headband or basic barrette. Avoid sparkles and too much pink at all costs. Try on career makeup for a job interview in our virtual makeup studio.

Never leave home without blotting papers. If you have to give a presentation before a crowd, or meet the head honchos for the first time, your nerves may kick in. Never let ‘em see you sweat. And never ever let ‘em see you apply your makeup, brush your hair, or bite your nails, for that matter. Save your primping for private places.

Always allow extra time for getting ready (when you’re in a rush, what can go wrong usually will). Apply liquid foundation and a cream blush in natural daylight—don’t go overboard, use less than you normally would and blend with a damp sponge toward the hairline.

Use matte, neutral-colored shadows (think tawny caramel) and blend like your job depends on it (it does). Use concealer to cover breakouts (you don’t want the boss to think you’re riddled with stress). Go easy on the gloss and mascara, both of which can look clumpy and overdone, and keep your lip color as close to your natural hue as possible (you have a lot of important things to say and you don’t want people to be distracted).

Treat yourself to a cleansing facial and a professional brow grooming/lip waxing before a big presentation, but do it a few days in advance to let any potential redness subside.

Arrive ten minutes early before an interview to make a last minute dash to the restroom. Check your teeth for spinach and lipstick, blow your nose, smooth your hair, blot your forehead and remove lint, if need be. Take a deep breath, look directly in the mirror and tell yourself that they’re going to love you—they will!Skip the parfum. You don’t want to risk making the people in close proximity start wheezing, sneezing, or worse—complaining to each other behind your back.

Your hands will inevitably be on display, so keep them tidy. If you crave color, stay neutral. Think barely-there beige or an American manicure, which is a more subdued version of a French manicure.


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