Parisian French Makeup Looks

Parisian French Makeup Looks

How to Do Your Makeup Like a Chic Parisian

Parisian French Makeup Looks
Looking for makeup ideas inspired by the French, who are believed to be the chicest women on Earth? Look to the Victor Margueritte novel La Garçonne. La Garçonne is a French expression signifying a female with chic, unabashedly boyish style. Here in the states, we might call this person a tomboy (although that term conjures visions of treehouses and baseball games). Garçon translates as “boy,” but the prefix la feminizes the term and suggests a confident, independent woman who quietly defies convention. If you are going for a French makeup look, think deep colors, deeply parted hair and sultry smoky eyes . Try on French makeup in our virtual makeup studio.

In terms of fashion and makeup, a French look is less “androgynous” and more masculine-glamorous. Victoria Beckham is the perfect example. She might wear a sleek tuxedo and deeply side parted hairstyle but still emanate sexiness on the red carpt.  There's no structured formula for achieveing this look with makeup except that sense of self should be your greatest inspiration.

Parisian inspired lips should be polished and sultry  in dramatic shades of brick or black-red that are just shy of goth. Apply red lipstick, then blot and apply an inky-sheer black gloss.

Skip eye liner and layer on black mascara for a polished but softly undone look the Paris women are famous for. Tame your brows with a clear or tinted gel. Anastasia makes some great brow product options.

Have long hair? Create soft, undulating waves by leaving large velcro rollers in your hair for 30 minutes then create an extreme side part that begins at  your forehead and ends at the crown. If you have short hair, create the same side part but slick it to your head with styling product for a totally chic look. --Stephanie Simons

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