Pageant Makeup

Pageant Makeup

Makeup Tips for Standing Out on the Pageant Stage

Pageant Makeup
So you wanna win a pageant, or just look the part of a beauty queen? The road to winning a crown is paved with sweat, tears and lipstick. These pageant makeup tips will make you stand out from the bikini-clad competition.

Your winning pageant look awaits. "Everyone who enters a pageant undergoes a beauty transformation of some sort. Girls, keep your high heels on and your wits about you."

Make lipstick and liner last by first applying foundation and translucent powder to bare lips, and create definition by drawing just outside the lines with a flesh-toned concealer pencil. A dab of gloss placed on the center of the lower lip offers a dewy, delectable finish.

A winning pageant look is ultra polished, like the girl next door only better. Your goal is to use makeup to bring out your features so they standout at a distance when you’re on stage—and to make it last through several rounds of competition. A few basics:Always stock your makeup bag with two of every essential product—mascara, eyelash glue, etc. Pageant directors aren’t likely to let you (or sometimes even your mom) out of sight to make a run to the drug store if you lose or run out of something.

Radiant skin will separate you from the pack. Prior to the personal judging interview, dunk a wash cloth in ice water and hold it on your face for a few minutes, or splash your face with cold tap water for instant radiance. This will put a natural flush in your cheeks before you apply your foundation.

A dab of gloss placed at the center of the lower lip offers a dewy, delectable finish. You can find the best lipsticks for your skin tone by uploading a photo to’s free virtual makeup studio. The highly accurate makeover tool is designed to help you try on real life makeup products before you buy them.

Body makeup camouflages spider veins and bruises, but use it at your own risk. With all the backstage chaos and requisite wardrobe changes, it could potentially rub off onto your clothing. If you do opt to wear it, make sure your skin is well moisturized and apply it at least an hour before competition to give it time to set. You can speed up this process by blotting it with tissue or spraying the areas with an Evian water mister (held about 12 inches from your makeup).

Pageant hair isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days of the cotton candy coif, even in the big hair state of Texas. Most girls wisely choose to wear their hair down for evening gown and swimsuit competitions—make sure yours is somehow lifted off your face. Loose, cascading curls are no-fail. --Stephanie Simons


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I'd like to add a tip as well--use a face primer before applying foundation, it'll help it stay in place. When you're backstage frantically running around or walking down the stage, you don't really have that much time to constantly check your makeup to see that it's all in place. This comment has been removed.
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