My Perfect New Year's Eve Outfit

My Perfect New Year's Eve Outfit

(Besides My Sweats)

mesh dress
  • mesh dress
  • black lace heels
  • coin cuff
  • cream eye shadow
This year, I'll be ringing in 2012 with loved ones in the comfort of my brother and sister-in-law's home. I'll most likely be in my sweats and a hoodie. But it doesn't mean that I am not eyeing all the New Year's styles that have been posted lately. So while I most likely will have my hair in a ponytail and be virtually makeup free, I will tell you what my New Year's outfit WOULD be if I wanted to be fancy.

Bold Dress

I wear a lot of black and gray. There are a lot of beautiful, vibrant colored dresses to choose from, but in the end, I know black or gray is what I would pick. I stick to what I like. The dress would be comfortable and unique. Simple, but sexy. 2012 is my time to try once more to add some color to my wardrobe.

A Change of Shoes

I would pair my dress with my new motorcycle boots that I wear daily. The boots have kind of a tough look and wouldn't coordinate well for a fancy dinner with the boyfriend, but I would wear a pair of high-heeled booties or pumps and then change into my comfy boots for later. I am a fan of mixing girly with grunge, feminine and masculine looks.

Lots of Jewelry

In everyday wear, I always have on rings, earrings, and a necklace (or two or three!). Sometimes I also add on bangles. For New Year's Eve, I would wear either a statement necklace or tons of mix and match bracelets, simple earrings and a cocktail ring.


I would keep it minimal. I would play up my eyes with some champagne shimmer or sparkly eyeliner and lots of indigo mascara. I would apply bronzer and a flirty lip gloss and try out a new at-home manicure by alternating colors or adding on some new nail prints. Then, I'd grab a cute clutch and be out the door to celebrate the beauty of a new year!


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Love the cuff and black booties! I'll be joining you on the couch this year btw lol! I'm hosting a slumber party with my close friends :) This comment has been removed.
Girly with grunge is awesome. So are sweat pants. But, I agree, this a great "fancy" NYE outfit :) This comment has been removed.
Sounds like a great outfit! :) This comment has been removed.
Cute shoes! Sweats and ponytail sounds sorta nice too! This comment has been removed.
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