Must-Have Spring Beauty

Must-Have Spring Beauty

Flushed Cheeks, Defined Lashes &Amp; Tribal Nails

Tracy Reese Spring 2012
  • Tracy Reese Spring 2012
  • bold blush
  • Nars Exhibit A
  • MAC Full Fuchsia
  • Zac Posen Spring 2012
  • shu uemura false lashes
  • accent lashes
  • urban decay 24/7 liquid liner
  • Tribal Nails
  • Colorful Tribal Nails
  • Neutral Tribal Nail
This year, spring beauty is all about complementing your bold fashion choices. The look is sexy yet demure, and any of these trends could be worn alone for a knock-out effect. With that said, here are your must-have spring beauty trends straight from the runway!

Flushed Cheeks - A brief moment of embarrassment, a quick jog to get the blood moving, a spicy, tongue-burning meal – all of these describe the blush trend for this season. Yes, this can be described as a natural rosy shade, but it’s a little more intense than that. Flushed cheeks are slightly extreme, and they can be accomplished by using vivid, matte shades such as Nars Exhibit A, Make Up For Ever #99 or MAC Full Fuchsia.

Defined Lashes - Go ahead and bat those doe eyes when wearing this trend! To achieve this flattering look, start with a pair of faux eyelashes. In this case, fuller eyelashes or winged-out accent ones are best. After they’re glued on, go ahead and define your lashes even further with liquid or gel eyeliner. Finish this look with 1-2 coats of mascara. Shown in pic are a pair from Shu Uemura.

Tribal Nails - Extremely intricate or just plain two-toned, tribal nail art isn’t as difficult as it looks. Let your creative juices flow, and pick anywhere from two nail shades to five! You can mix glitter with color, and both pair with black and white as well! For an easy-breezy look, start with one color, and then paint a diagonal strip with the second color. If you have more time to play, just do a different line or pattern on each nail.

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I love love love spring makeup. I am excited to buy some new colors! This comment has been removed.
I need to try that MAC fuchsia blush. It looks nice! This comment has been removed.
I love this spring makeup. The girl in the first photo looks beautiful and fresh! This comment has been removed.
The pink MAC pot is an amazing color for flushed always looks so bright in the pot but so good on the cheeks! Thanks for the pics! This comment has been removed.
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